Vandria Borari


Vandria Borari is a ceramist artist from the Borari people of Baixo Tapajós, Pará, Brazil. She is one of the first indigenous woman to have a degree in Law in Pará State and is an activist for the indigenous rights. Vandria believes the Amazon is a mosaic of life, sounds and colors and to be able to understand the rainforest, we need to feel the birds singing, the jungle noises, the current of the waters and the breath of the dolphins.

Our Amazon must be respected and everything that exist in it. Our rivers, lakes, streams and plants have a mother. In the waters, the spirits from the bottom, in the woods, the forest spirits.  When you enter these sacred places, we need to ask for permission. For us indigenous people, the hours of day and night are sacred. We have right time to plant and harvest, right time to fish and hunt. The moon and the sun have always guided us. Healing comes from the forest, from our healing plants. Our shamans, midwives, handmaidens and healers are our spiritual guides. They are the spirits who communicate with each other, who cure our illnesses and teach us to protect the earth.”