Tarianos Indigenous People Fighting for their Territories

Ismael Tariano is the chief of Tariano’s people, from Alto Rio Negro, State of Amazon, Brazil. For Ismael, the preservation of the Amazon depends on a participatory and symmetrical process, where the environmental agents, indigenous and ribeirinhos should play an important role. He argues the State has a fundamental role in the preservation process, which is facilitating the indigenous communities balance dialogue to face the new challenges of the land protection, allowing to decide with autonomy their strategies to improve their life and future. “We, from this immense Amazon Forest, want to build new knowledge about the historical process that give rise to the current context of the environment, including the indigenous and nature voices, contemplating the notion of environmental services, according to last decades’ legislation, like the federal Constitution from 1988, the Convention 169 of the International Labor Organization and The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous People”.