Eronilde Kambeba is a shaman from the Kambeba people, from the Madeira River, State of Amazon. She leads two different indigenous communities where she is also organizing a movement against mining and has been threatened by grabbers and miners in the Region where she lives. According to her, the Amazon Forest can be preserved if everyone does their part, meaning that all over the world people should encourage a low impact economy and a conscious consumption. Eronilde believes that the struggle for the Forest conservation must be combined with the indigenous struggle, as they are the main people  threatened and murdered while trying to keep the forest standing. There are several attitudes that everybody can take to protect the forest, one way is to stop eating meat, it is also important to follow the chain of the products you consume. As an indigenous female shaman, Eronilde faces different kinds of prejudices in the fight for indigenous rights. She works by mobilizing people from the forest with music, culture and educational activities related to the environmental, gender and indigenous causes.