mono no aware

While fieldrecording, I experience the act of listening as a moment of great concentration and connection with the environment. This requires an attitude of acceptance towards everything that happens during the recording. No intention or evaluation of the emerging sounds should interrupt the flow of (in)conscious listening. Afterwards, there is time to examine the recordings in detail and analyze their meaning in a broader context of environmental ecology or musical relevance.

Roland Hausheer – project longmo

* 1968 in Zürich, Switzerland

Project longmo is an exploration on the border between electronic music, field recordings, and audio-visual experimentation. Although I was trained as a visual artist, I have always been interested in the acoustic world and various sonic environments around the globe. The acoustic atmosphere of places, whether natural or artificial, has a great influence on my visual work. In a similar way, a visual work can trigger a musical idea. Thus, the alternation between image and sound is an inspiring process of exchange for me.

“Longmo” ⿓脈is an ancient term from Chinese geomancy that describes the meridians of landscapes, literally “dragon veins.” I am interested in these proto-scientific ideas that emphasize interconnection of all aspects of the environment to achieve a comprehensive perspective of space and place. These ancient ideas of interconnectedness are reflected today in the need for interdisciplinary research to grasp the highly complex and everchanging conditions of ecosystems.